Far North…

Washington – A New Order Rising

Tromsø… up there in the far North of Norway. Darkness for seven months a year. Temperatures rarely over 15° Celsius, mostly below zero. So can you expect the music from Tromsø to be as cold and dark as the city?

Well, not if you’re in a band called Washington! The three-piece melt away every icicle and bring light to even the darkest corners. Their debut album A New Order Rising starts with a wonderful piano intro and slowly builds up to an epic, 8-minute track that won’t let you go! Singer Rune Simonsen shows here what he is capable of, changing his voice to sound like Thom Yorke, Søren Huss and Matthew Bellamy all in one! Black Wine is an excellent opener, and gives a good outlook on what you can expect from the album. There’s a wonderful slide guitar on Have You Ever, a very uplifting Walking Man, some almost jazzy elements in Maker Of Time, and the powerful ballad that is Landslide (you can almost feel Morten Harket looking envious at that masterpiece!). Not to forget the Pink Floydy epic A Long Poem About The Acts Of Heroes Or Gods; here, the guys shine again in creating an atmospherical piece of music that leaves you stunned.

So forget about cold and dark Tromsø! Think about sentimental and heart-warming Tromsø! Here’s a band with some of the saddest songs you will hear this year; they will not drag you down, but leave you in a cosy and relaxing place somewhere in your mind. Another critic wrote that the music of Washington is Yoga for the ears, and I completely agree with that! Excellent stuff!

Official Homepage
Washington – Landslide (MP3)
Washington – Maker Of Time (MP3)
Washington – Landslide (Quicktime-Video)


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