I Think…

… that after hearing Birthright and Cosy Prisons from A-Ha, I really should consider buying the album!

… that it’s simple song like Keep Your Love from the Loveninjas that make you happy. I wonder if the other song called She Broke His Penis In Two from their EP has the same effect!

… that the video for the JCB-Song from British band Nizlopi is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time; and I’m really starting to like the song as well!

… that I don’t know what to think about Anthony & The Johnsons. They might be this years Mercury Prize winner, but somehow I can’t feel the buzz. Is it really true that they will only reveal their secret when you listen to the whole album in one?

… that I should thank Peter from Coast Is Clear once again for tracking down such great bands! He posted some MP3’s from an American band called Boulevard, and I urge you to listen to them. Catchy as hell! Think Killers (but with a more decent synthie touch) and Suede (but with a less whining voice) and you’re almost there. Get the songs here or – if you understand German – visit Peter’s blog and read more about this band!
Boulevard – Marie (MP3)
Boulevard – Octane Lovers (MP3)
Boulevard – Here’s To The Days (MP3)

oh yes, almost forgot: thank you, Peter!

… that whilst I’m at it, I’ll go on and thank Peter for sending me the link to that brilliant new video from Mew! Why Are You Looking Grave? is going to be the next single from the latest album; check out how the band visualized this song! (Isn’t that landscape shifting thing awesome?)
Mew – Why Are You Looking Grave? (mov)


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