News Folder, Part II

Here’s some more News folder discoveries:
Scroll down for part II

Amandine – Halo: beautiful song that Morten posted recently. Absolutely perfect for cold, grey autumn days. Can’t tell you more about this band, but maybe Morten will… 😉

Cat Power – Cross Bone Style: still not sure about it. Can’t say that I don’t like it, but I don’t completely fall in love with it. Hmmm… difficult case, this one.

My Favorite – Burning Heart: catchy pop tune (and another one with a female voice! 🙂 ). This one sounds good, and there’s another one somewhere hidden in the depths of my player… let’s see if it will pop up today as well!

Voxtrot – The Start Of Something: sounds like a Scandinavian pop band, but are actually from the US of A. Very ear-pleasing song, this one. You can download it at the official site: or listen to some more songs on their MySpace-Site:

Mads Langer – Breaking News: another excellent tip from Morten. Gripping semi-ballad from a young Dane. As far as I know, it’s his first single, but hopefully not the last! Check it out on his website:

Tindersticks – Trying To Find A Home: found on the fabulous site that is Spoonfork . They always have excellent free downloads, and this here is no exception. Knew the band from the name, but never heard anything by them before. Guess I should change that as this song is a real beauty!

Forward Russia – Thirteen: another one, and it’s even worse than the last one. No, I really don’t like that. Goodbye!


The Arrogants – I Want You: this is a very good one. Wonderful, accoustic ballad. There’s more on the player, and I’ll pay closer attention to those songs; might be a real discovery!

Madrugada – The Kids Are On High Street / The Lost Gospel: here’s a band that has been on my to-buy-list for a long time! I just couldn’t decide yet which album I should buy, and I didn’t come across any good offers back in London. But I think this band is definitely worth to be supported!

Autumn’s Grey Solace – The Unshakeable Demon / Waning Faithful: here’s a Scandinavian female-voiced band with a different touch. The songs have a darker tone and don’t spread that happy feeling that other pop-bands do. This is a welcoming change, and the songs are really very good!

The Rinse – Just Like Me / Twisted / Google: wrote about this band before, and still think they’re pretty good. Indie-pop with an 80ies-touch, a bit similar to the Killers, but more fun! There’s a few songs to download/listen to on the official site and on the MySpace-Site (did I mention that I like that MySpace-Stuff? 🙂 )

The Idle Hands – Get Inside: more synthie-pop coming from Coast Is Clear. Very catchy, but I’m not to sure about the long-term-fascination of the songs. Nice listen anyway!

The Arrogants – Antony And Cleopatra: and here they come. All in all, good, nice pop songs. I will keep them in the folder for a few more spins and see if they can work their way up in my favourites list!

Anotherstory – 925: Muse minus the piano. That’s the first thing that came to my mind. But there’s more to it. The voice is equally good to that of Matthew Bellamy, and the songs are quite interesting, too. One to keep in mind!

The Mopeds – Refused Demoland: another free download, posted by Morten. Short and painless. The chorus sticks immediately, and we’ll see if there’s more to expect from this band. Check the song out here: and also visit the (ugly as hell) homepage for more:

The Picture – Blindside / Sellout: these two have been around for quite a while, and I still like those songs. And I finally found the official homepage and – of course – a MySpace-Site! Check out all the songs, it’s worth it!

I’m From Barcelona – We’re From Barcelona: what’s that? Outside it’s cold, grey and it just started to snow a bit, and here comes a song with uplifting na-na-na-chorus and summer in its heart! Kinda surreal, and I probably would like the song more if I’d heard it earlier this year. Maybe I should keep it until next year…

South – Speed Up/Slow Down: loved Losen Your Hold and thought I’d give this song a chance. It’s quite an ok song, but it doesn’t make me very curious about more stuff from South.

Trembling Blue Stars – The Ghost Of An Unkissed Kiss: the album should be on the way soon, and I’m really looking forward to it. Expecting more great songs like this one. You’ll read about it! 😉


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