Catching Up…

Busy, busy, busy… and again so much music to listen to! Here’s a short recap of the past few days:

Helen Stellar‘s Io (This Time Around) and iLiKETRAiNSA Rook House For Bobby are probably the most-heared songs this week… a masterpiece-double-pack!

– the Lano Places album Everyone Likes To Be Lonely has kept what the few singles promised. This is really great pop music, and I hope that the second album will arrive here sometime soon. Hope to write some more about this album soon!

– have been listening to both Field Mice albums, too. Didn’t really make a big impact though. It’s nice music, but nothing really stood out. But then, I probably need to give it a few more spins and I might discover a gem or two.

– the young Swedes from Loveninjas get the cup for today’s happy-clap-along-song. Try listening to Keep Your Love and not move your feet… impossible!!!
Loveninjas – Keep Your Love (MP3)

– not too sure about Cat Power yet. Listened to the few songs that molotov from A Plague Of Angels offered recently on his blog. I think I’ll put that project on hold for a while… maybe it’s not yet time for me to discover the band.

– those two songs from Jarvis Cocker & Radiohead that they wrote for the newest Harry Potter flick don’t sound too bad. I mean, I’m just glad to hear some new material from Jarvis anyway, and I hope he’ll soon be back on track to give us some proper new songs. Apparently, he’s somewhere in that Potter movie; I’ll keep my eyes open tonight when I’m going to see the little wizard’s newest adventures!

– some new songs from JJ72‘s next album popped up a few weeks ago on various blogs. Although I liked them from the beginning, they have now started to bore me a bit. I’m not even sure now if I’m going to buy the album.

So I hope to be back soon with a recap of all the good songs that are waiting on my MP3-Player… stay tuned! 🙂


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