Coldplay Live…

So here we are. The indie-gone-stadion-rock-band that is Coldplay paid a visit to Switzerland, and I was there. A few years ago I would have been really excited to go and see this band, but with all the hype around them during the last few months, I was looking at it rather sceptical. But let me start from the beginning, and that was Goldfrapp, the opening act.

Actually, I don’t know too much about this band. I own their first CD with the somewhat smash-hit Utopia. And then I kinda lost track of them. But I must admit that their 3/4 hour-set yesterday was quite a surprise. Their bass-driven electric rock really makes you tap along, and although singer Alison Goldfrapp‘s voice somehow reminds me of Kylie Minogue, it works very well alltogether. So, the concert evening started out very good!

And then it was time for Coldplay. Starting of with Square One from their latest album, the opening reminded me very much of U2. Big screen behind the band, lots of blinding lights and countless waves to the audience. Well, not a bad one to start. About 15 minutes into the show, they delivered their first big hit Yellow which is in my opinion still one of their best songs. And guessing from the audience, I’m not the only one who thinks so. I didn’t know at that time that this song would be the only real highlight of the show, and sadly enough it was the only song from their debut album they played…

Most of the set was from X & Y, which I regard as a good album and probably the best one to be delivered in such a big arena, but also the one with the least magic touch that defined Coldplay for me. So I soaked up the few songs from A Rush Of Blood To The Head (The Scientist, Clocks and Green Eyes among the best, but unfortunately they skipped my favourite which is the title track) and waited desperately for another one from the debut (still can’t understand why they didn’t play Trouble…). The ones from X & Y were ok, but none of it really triggered any emotion with me. So after a bit over an hour into the concert, the band left the stage for the first time (bit short, I thought), and were then back for the encores.

Starting of with the poor Swallowed By The Sea, they got me back with the fabulous In My Place, and it was then that we were in for a surprise. We were sitting on the side in the first row, and we noticed that the security was clearing a passage just below us during Swallowed By The Sea. And so it happened that during In My Place, Mr Martin paid us a visit and sung and danced just right before our noses! Of course I was ready with my phone-cam and made some shots:

That was a nice surprise lasting for about 2-3 minutes! Back on the stage, they closed the show with Fix You, my favourite from the new album. It was another highlight, I must admit.

So what do I think? Overall, it was a good concert. I didn’t have great expectations, so I wasn’t too dissappointed. A few highlights, but I must admit that there wasn’t a moment when I really felt overwhelmed or excited (not even in the part where Martin came over to us). I often thought how great it must have been to see this band a few years earlier on, in a more intimidate setting and with a less blown-up show.

I think Coldplay is right now on the verge of becoming either a really big act and follow the tracks of the “big brothers” U2, or they’ll go back to their roots and try to get more indie again. I really would prefer the second option, but I think they’ll go for the first. Time will tell us!


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