Back Again…

…and here’s what happened! 🙂
(scroll down for part II)

Robert Post must have made it! Heard his great song Got None at 6.45 am at the Airport Zurich. Although… I’m not too sure if “Airport Music” is any better than “Elevator Music”… :
– found out that the song was playing on “Radio SwissPop”. It’s a station that plays pop music all day, with no news or commercial breaks. Music that doesn’t hurt anyone, I always say… guess that’s ok for airports… and even elevators! 🙂

– first song when entering London City: Placebo – Without You I’m Nothing. OK… stop whining now, Brian, I’m here!!!

– first stop: Fopp. Cheap CDs and DVDs. And so it did happen again that I ended up with two CDs that I didn’t plan to buy in the first place: The Human League – Original Remixes And Rarities and the debut EP from Fear Of Music (watch vids and listen to the EP). At least I’ve found the new one from The River Detectives that Morten asked me to buy for him! Listen to Some Kind Of Love and find more samples on their website.

– next stop: Forbidden Planet. Biggest selection of comics, fantasy and movie books. Targeted the Terry Pratchett section and left with 3 new discworld novels. Anyone know where one can buy some time to read books???

– Pizza at Covent Garden up next. Stroll through the Apple Market (small, but excellent!) and the shops around CC. It somehow is more fun in summer here…

– went to buy To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee because I saw the movie recently and loved it, and Morten also recommended to read the book. Tell me about reading time…

– ended up at Leicester Square finally. The usual crowd here. On to HMV where I found the limited edition of Pepper’s Ghost by Arena. And came out of Virgin Megastore empty-handed. Time for a coffee now at – you guessed it – Starbucks! 🙂

– Hamley’s Toy Shop was next. It’s always fun to browse through the aisles here, and I do need something for the kids! 😉

– walked up to Oxford Street and got my elbows out. Is there a time when this street is deserted at all???

– on the way to HMV, Martin Freeman aka Arthur Dent crossed my way. Seems that he can still walk around in the crowd without getting hassled by fans.

– time to go back to HQ after leaving HMV empty-handed. They may have the biggest selection, but they also have the highest prices. Will concentrate on Berwick Street tomorrow…

– off to the movies in the evening. Before that, there was time for an excellent curry and another visit to Fopp (the movie theatre was right next to it, so don’t blame me!). Finding A Lovlier You by the Pernice Brothers (stream some songs on the website) and the complete Office-series on DVD was with what I ended up.

– oh yeah, the movie was not too bad, too. It was Thumbsucker, and had a great story, nice acting and a loveable soundtrack by the Polyphonic Spree.

– as I had no breakfast booked with the hotel, I made my way straight into town next morning. And as there was no Starbucks close by, but another Virgin Megastore, it was clear that this was my first stop… 🙂

– ok, Virgin is not exactly cheap as well, but they do have a great selection. So I ended up with the following CDs: The Field Mice – Snowball and For Keeps. Actually, I didn’t know many songs from them, but what I’ve heard sounded good. And they were quite cheap, so I thought, why not have them? 🙂 Lano Places – Everyone Likes To Be Lonely. I have ordered this CD at already, but I have no news if I will ever get it. So I just bought it; and I’m not worried to get rid of the other copy if it ever should arrive! Listen to three brilliant songs here! I’ve also bought the soundtrack to the TV series Everwood which I kinda like… nice stories, loveable characters and always great songs on the show.

– time for that breakfast now! I just love that caramel macchiato from Starbucks, and that must be the main reason I’ll go there. Damn, the coffee is way to expensive, but I’m somehow addicted to it!!! 😦

– Berwick street next. Found a single from Fans Of Kate (I Don’t Know What To Do With My Hands) that I already have as MP3s, but I wanted the real deal as well. Wonder if there’ll ever be an album… for now you can find some songs on the homepage. Also bought the new single Be All You Want Me To Be from Morning Runner, and I’m still eagerly awaiting their first album. Great song!!! Some sound snippets can also be found on their homepage. Two bargains were Together We’re Heavy from The Polyphonic Spree (you just HAVE to check out that website!!!!) and Set & Drift from Danish band Diefenbach. Think I’ll like them both, and you can check out some songs on the respective homepages.

– it’s fun to walk around record stores with your own music on the headphones. Or else I would have missed a mix of Iron & Wine from my player with some sort of Thrash Metal playing in the record store. Very unusual constellation indeed!

– as it was a sunny and clear day, I made my way again to Covent Garden, and there were more people out there. So time for a pint (cheers, Morten! 😉 ) and some people-watching!

– took in another movie: Serenity. Well, that was a great choice! This sci-fi-flick kicks this years Star Wars episode in the butt! It’s so much more fun, and in my opinion, this is the best sci-fi-movie this year! Go and see it!

– done with shopping. Really tired. It is a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it!

Comforting Sounds by Mew must be the best song for walking through London’s crowded streets. I really felt like everything around me was just flying by, and I was floating through the masses, like in those videos you sometimes see on TV. Excellent!

– back in Zurich, I had some time to hang around the airport, and I’ve concluded my shopping spree with the soundtrack to Elizabethtown (I’ve looked at it back in London, but it was just too expensive there!). Great movie, great songs, as usual when director Cameron Crowe is behind the project. I warmly recommend both the movie and the soundtrack!

The short trip was time well spent, and I have once more enjoyed staying in London. Guess it will not have been the last time…


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