Even More News

Continuing my clean-out from yesterday…

Leisure Alaska – In Me: Not as good as the brilliant Hey Mr.

epo-555 – Dakota: another Danish band. I like the sound of it, but none of the songs I know so far has made me care for more. Mistake?

Levy – On The Dance Floor: This band has been sticking around in my News folder for quite a while now. Really good songs. Album got mixed reviews though. Maybe I’ll wait for their next effort.

The Pernice Brothers – There Goes The Sun: uhoh… this could really be a new project!

Nikoli – Take It & Go: if you haven’t done it already, go and visit their website on www.nikoli.co.uk to find this beauty and lots more songs for free. And give the guys a shout and ask for the new EP. They’re very friendly.

Mary Goes Round – Orange Car: very 80ies-Dark Wave-style. Great melodies. If you’re into that, check out their website for 21 (!) songs to download! Thanks again to Peter!

Trembling Blue Stars – The Ghost Of An Unkissed Kiss: this album should also arrive with my next unisex-mailorder-delivery. Peter, can you see what you have done???? 😉

Tindersticks – Trying To Find A Way Home: another great song from spoonfork.de. Perfect for those grey and dark autumn days!

The River Detectives – King Of The Ghost Town Ride: if this single is anything to go by, the new album could be a gem! Still waiting for some reviews to pop up.

I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper – Candy Candy: cool bandnames Part II! And the songs don’t sound too bad either. Go to Peter’s Blog to find more links to the songs.

Okkervil River – For Real + Black: this is special! And pretty hard to describe. Imagine Iron & Wine with electric guitars and throw in a spoonfull of BritPop into the folky melodies. But even better, go to the official website and find lots of MP3s. Maybe you’ll come up with another definition! 😉

The Shins – So Says I + Pink Bullets: sooner or later, I’ll end up with an album of this band in my collection. Any suggestions for a starter?

Shout Out Louds – Very Loud: new Swedish band to keep an eye on. Sounds promising!

Hail Social – Hands Tied: good song. Not more to say really…

Tiger Baby – Sweetheart: very relaxing. But nothing that makes me want to go out and search for more.

Blind Mr. Jones – Henna And Swayed: another (great) one from Peter. Got a dark feeling and crashing guitar walls all over it. Probably needs some more spins.

Language Of Flowers – Tara Mascara: got a very catchy chorus. Sure sounds nice, but I don’t know for how long… yet! 🙂

Echo & The Bunnymen – Stormy Weather: this is the second new song that I like. Maybe I should consider to listen to the rest of the album as well…

The Soundtrack Of Our Lives – A Room Without A View: not their best, but not too bad either. And I won’t complain about a free song! Find it on Tonspion.de.

The High Dials – Soul In Lust: this is a great song. And of course, my ordered CD is behind schedule! I hate when that happens!!!


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