Going Through The News

yep, I’ve started some serious cleaning-out in my News folder today (needless to say that I didn’t get very far though… ). But here’s some thoughts on the stuff I’ve been listening to:

Aerospace – The Only Things We Share: sounds like Belle & Sebastian, and I’m not much into them. Nice song, though, found on labrador.se

The High Dials – Holy Ground: damn good! Very curious about the other songs from the CD!

Morning Runner – Work: yeah, older one, but I’m desperately waiting for these guys releasing an album!!!

Pernice Brothers – 7:30: this is good pop music. Need to hear more (the Coast Is Clear-blog has more! 😉 ).

Sambassadeur – Between The Lines: feel-good pop music from Sweden. Pre-ordered the album, should arrive soon (I hope!)

Sambassadeur – New Moon: another great one… the album should arrive VERY soon!!!

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – Rent A Wreck: how cool can band names get??? 😀 The song’s not too bad either. Found it on spoonfork.de, which is always worth a visit!

Washington – Landslide: another great one from spoonfork.de. Voice reminds me a bit of Morten Harket…

Detroit Cobras – I Wanna Holler (But The Town’s Too Small): could be directly imported from the 60ies! Love the band, and I should probably listen to one of the older albums again. Nice stuff!

Cat Power – The Greatest: what a lovely song! Guess I should check out more from this band… could be a revelation!

Lano Places – Isolation Street: my dealer at unisex-mailorder.de just informed me that one of the albums has arrived and it will be sent off with the next batch. Finally!!! 🙂

The Rinse – Twisted: wicked band! Sounds like a less strained version of The Killers. If you don’t mind the beeping synthies, you’re in for a treat. Lots of songs to download on www.therinse.net

Spleen United – In Peak Fitness Condition: took a long time to got me hooked on these Danish lads, but I’ve finally found them. Great stuff!

Cartridge – Nausea: cheeky power-poprock. Sounds not too bad, but I don’t know how long it will last…

Chicklet – Treshold + Frown: good. needs more spins, but could turn out as a new project…

…and that was it for the first round. Hope to get on with it soon! 🙂


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