Starry, Starry Night

Two of yesterday’s orders arrived today, and all I see is Stars! Why? Well… see for yourself!

Starsailor – On The Outside

After a groundbreaking debut and a rather lifeless follow-up, the band around singer James Walsh just released their third album. The first single In The Crossfire pointed to a more guitar-orientated direction, and the single really was a good indicator for the new Starsailor style. Gone are the acoustic, heartbroken ballads from Love Is Here. Gone are the clumsy wanna-be-rock-songs from Silence Is Easy. Here are the new Starsailor, and they have finally learned how to combine great melodies with angry and rocking tunes. Above all Walsh‘s voice suits the songs very well, and I think there’s more than one potential hit on On The Outside. There’s a good, upbeat feeling going through the whole album, and it is only with closing ballad Jeremiah that the band reminds us where they have come from. Yeah, I like this album. It is very different from Love Is Here, it is so much better than Silence Is Easy… and yet it is unmistakable Starsailor. Well done, lads!

Stars – Set Yourself On Fire

It has been a long story with me and the Stars. I liked Ageless Beauty when I first heard it. I was trying out other songs as well, but none of them sounded as good as I expected them to. So I forgot about the Stars. Then I’ve read the good reviews, and saw some very positive forum posts from people that have a similar taste in music as me. I dug out the songs again, but they still couldn’t convince me to buy the album. So after more praises and raving reviews I did something that I normally don’t do: I downloaded the whole album to listen to all the songs in the right order. And that did the trick! So as from today, I’m sure that these Stars will sparkle out of my speaker boxes for quite a while. It is a damn fine piece of music after all, and I don’t regret to finally have bought it!


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