Long Time No Writing…

… but finally, I’m here again! 🙂

I’ve spent an excellent weekend in one of my favourite Swiss mountain towns, Grindelwald. We couldn’t have picked better weather; sunshine for the whole day, warm, but not too hot and an absolutely magnificent view! I took about 170 pictures, and I have only been there for two days! I’m sure some of those pics will pop up on my “A Song A Picture”-blog very soon!

So, back to music. Here’s what’s going on:

Belasco – Technique

Recommended by a friend. I have only heard two songs before I ordered the CD, but I was lucky once again! Although it’s only about 30 minutes worth of music, this album is very pleasing. This is another band that you immediately start to wonder why they haven’t hit it big in Great Britain. They have great songwriting skills, excellent musicians and a great singer, but not the success they deserve. Well, as I always say: “good music will be found in the end”, and Belasco confirms that again. I’ve just ordered another album of this band, and if you wonder how they sound, you should check out their homepages on www.belasco.de and www.belasco.co.uk to find some songs for free!

Depeche Mode – Playing The Angel

I had the chance to listen to the new Depeche Mode album today. And I’m really not sure what to think of it. Some of the songs are really going down well, but others are just not too good. But then, I’ve probably have to listen to the album a few more times. And I was never really one of the band’s biggest fans (I still love the early stuff more than the recent releases!). So I will not say anything more about Playing The Angel right now. I just feel it’s too early to make a final statement.

Kashmir – No Balance Palace

So here it is: CD No. 100 to join my collection this year. Yep, I am a music junkie, and even with all that download possibilities, I still like to have those shiny round things in my home.
But back to Kashmir. I won’t write too much about the new album yet. I have only listened to it twice so far (ok, a few more times at the office today, but that doesn’t count as I wasn’t really able to concentrate on the music!). My first impression was pleased, but not blown away. It is very good, that much is true, but it lacked the surprising bit. I already noticed an increasing quality of the songs when it ran for the second time, so I guess it will grow. Other than with Depeche Mode‘s latest, I can already feel that this album will indeed get much better the more you listen to it. I don’t think it will top Mew’s Glass Handed Kites though… read more soon!


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