Youth Group

I’m a bit sceptical when it comes to cover versions of 80ies songs, especially when it’s about one of my favourite ballads of that time. Alphaville created a timeless classic with their wonderful Forever Young back in those good, old days. So I stumbled across a cover of exactly that song yesterday (you can find it here: ). I’ve heard of Youth Group before, but didn’t really know anything about them. And of course I was curious to hear what they have made of Forever Young, and boy, was I surprised!!! This is really, really good stuff!!! Kudos to those Aussies for treating the song with the demanded respect and making it not a horrible beast like so many bands do these times.

So as you can guess this wasn’t the end of the story; no, it really was the beginning. I needed to hear more from the Youth Group, so I grabbed my surfboard and set out for those countless waves coming in from the Internet. Starting with a bands official homepage is always a good source, and soon enough I found myself listening to streams of three more songs which I immediately liked. Voice-wise, there’s much resemblance to Death Cab For Cutie, and even better, to that lovely voice from Tim Booth, former singer with my beloved band James! Stunning! You just have to agree when you go over to Epitaph Records and listen to Someone Else’s Dream; it is as Booth has emigrated to Australia and came back with a new band!
Of course all this research led to another visit to my CD dealer, and I hope this album will arrive shortly… can’t wait to hear more of those lads!!!

Check out the songs:

Forever Young @ Central Village (MP3)
Skeleton Jar, Shadowlands, Lillian Lies @ Youth Group Official (Streams)
Skeleton Jar, Someone Else’s Dream @ Epitaph Records (MP3)
Shadowlands @ (MP3, check the “Daily Downloads”; hope it’s still there!)


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