Back To The Seventies…

Today, we booked our trip to Freiburg, Germany, to see the concert of Pink Floyd-Coverband The Machine. So me and three friends will spend the afternoon in Freiburg, get in the mood with probably some of that fine wine they’re selling up there, have something nice to eat and then let us transport back to the 70ties. If the band is as good as the Genesis-coverband we saw earlier this year, then this will be a great day out! For obvious reasons I’m listening to Animals today, as this is the album that the band will play. When I ordered the tickets, I could put 5 songs on a wishlist. In the second part of the show, the band will play the most requestet ones. Here’s my choice:

1. Comfortably Numb (I really, really hope that they will play this one!!!!!)
2. One Of These Days
3. Wish You Were Here
4. High Hopes
5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (don’t suppose they will play the whole 24-minute-version, but then you never know!)

It’s really hard to choose only 5 songs from this band, isn’t it? So I guess even if they don’t play any of the above ones, I’m still going to be satisfied (although a bit disappointed if Comfortably Numb is missing… 😦 ).


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