Brit Power

Dug out Suede‘s self-titled debut album this week. Haven’t listened to it for a while, so it was almost a new discovery. 🙂 Great stuff on that one; opening track So Young must still be one of my all-time favourite Suede tunes. And there are quite a few great songs on this debut which explains the sudden success they had with it. Animal Nitrate, The Drowners, Sleeping Pills… still wonderful after all these years. Rumour has it that Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler are working together again on new material… I surely wouldn’t mind to hear more from Suedes masterminds!

Mansun‘s Six has arrived, but I’ll just have to wait for a proper commentary on that one. As it is one of the few Brit-Pop-Concept-albums (as a matter of fact, I can’t even think of any other band that has done something similar!), it demands some time to get in to. But the first impression is quite positive; expect to read more about the album soon!

Thirteen Senses are still on heavy rotation, and so are those songs here:

Eskimo – Evergreen

Gene – Let Me Move On

The Legends – When The Day Is Done


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