Just got the sensational debut album The Invitation from Thirteen Senses. A collection of great hymns that are easily up there with Coldplay or Keane’s best. In fact, I think that if Keane weren’t that big last year, this band might have taken their place. Who knows… maybe 2005 is the year of Thirteen Senses!

Two songs from Damien Rice‘s last album O are following me these days. The radio remix from Canonball (which was played almost every day in New Zealand’s Radio) and The Blower’s Daughter, a fine tune and also the title theme from Mike Nichols’ latest movie Closer. Listened to the album on the inflight entertainment system on my way back from New Zealand and found it a little bit dull… maybe it deserves a second chance!

Nip/Tuck is one of the best american TV series, and not only the images are superb; they also tend to have a great choice of music in each and every episode. Latest picks were the brilliant Vibrate from Rufus Wainwright and So Damn Beautiful from unknown Poloroid. Hope they’ll keep chosing such great tunes in the future episodes!

And good news also from Porcupine Tree: the new album Deadwing is nearly ready and set to be released in March. A microsite has already been set up (, and they have just announced tour dates. There’ll be one gig in Switzerland which I will certainly not miss as the last concert was one of the best I’ve ever seen… go and visit if you have the chance to!


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