From The Other End Of The World

Three great albums from New Zealand found their way into my mailbox yesterday; I mentionned some songs before, but now I can enjoy more of that great Kiwi music!

First of all there’s You Are Here, the well-received debut album from Opshop. There’s hardly a review without mentioning U2, and the irish lads really come to my mind from time to time on Opshop’s album, which is mostly because of the singers voice. Nonetheless they are not just copycats; they made a great alternative-rock album which will certainly be with me for quite a while!

Check out for infos of the band and some sound samples and videos (No Ordinary Thing is highly recommended!).

Second album is Playground Battle by The Feelers, probably one of the best-known bands in NZ right now. They even had minor hits over here in Europe. The album is from 2003 and consists of well-crafted pop/rock-songs. The singers voice does remind me of Peter Gabriel at times which is really not a bad thing at all! Great, catchy tunes all over the CD make this a worthy addition to my collection.

On you find all you need to know about the band.

Last but not least another debut: Dreams by Evermore. The three young Hume brothers come up with a very compact album that shows hints of Coldplay, Silverchair, REM and sometimes even Radiohead without forgetting the New Zealand roots. Great songwriting, nice interludes and melodies that go straight into the head make this an album to discover. And I will take my time to do so! has it all.


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