My 2004

Time for a look back onto the year that’s almost past. I’m not making the usual list with a definitive number one album (I really couldn’t decide which one that could be!); instead I’ll do it like this:

Feel-Good-Album 2004:

Keane – Hopes And Fears

ProgRock-Album 2004:

Riverside – Out Of Myself

Guitar-Pop-Album 2004:

The Finn Brothers – Everyone Is Here (Very closely followed by Blackfield’s Debut)

Brit-Album 2004:

Delays – Faded Seaside Glamour

Comeback-Album 2004:

Embrace – Out Of Nothing

DanceRock-Album 2004:

Franz Ferdinand, preferably in the mix with The Killers’ Hot Fuss

Expectations-fulfilled-Album 2004:

Hope Of The States – The Lost Riots

Expectations-excelled-Album 2004:

Marillion – Marbles

Expectations-not-fulfilled-Album 2004:

REM – Around The Sun

Melancholic-Album 2004:

Lucky Jim – Our Troubles End Tonight

Discovery Of The Year:

Noella Hutton – Noella Hutton

Scandinavia-Album 2004:

Saybia – These Are The Days

Rock-Album 2004:

Green Day – American Idiot

Classic-Band-Album 2004:

Arena – The Visitors

Best Concert 2004:


There were way too many good singles this year to name all. Maybe, at one point, I’ll make a list of some of the best ones, but not now… patience, young jedi! 🙂

I wish you all lots of good music in 2005 and have a save and pleasant journey to there!


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